ACM-W Celebration: Women Workshop on Educational Robotics

For the ACM-W Celebration, we will do a Women Workshop on Educational Robotics. Our target group is women of any age. Educational Robotics target the development of Computational Thinking which is a necessary skill for careers in the fields of STEM, especially Computer Science. Computational Thinking is a universal skill that everyone has the potential […]

WomenPower Symposium 2016 – A Celebration of Women in Computing

Over 200 participants from Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland and USA, attended the Womenpower Symposium 2016 that took place at the Cyprus University of Technology on the 16th of November. Womenpower aimed to support and empower women in their professional development in technology related areas. The event was organized by the ACM-Women […]

WomenPower Fair 2016

ACM-W-CYPRUS successfully organized a networking event at Cyprus University of Technology! During the event women across different schools and universities in Cyprus came together for three inspiring talks: “The social obstacles and the glass ceiling: how can we move forward” by Argentoula Ioannou “Inspiring Women: The Mythbusters” by Irene Polycarpou. “What’s the gender of Technology? – […]

WomenPower Fair 2015

The fair aimed to ‘inspire, empower and link women mentors and mentees’, and focused on the current state of gender-related issues in Cyprus as well as the challenges that women are faced with, in terms of social, career and personal development. The WomenPower team had the privilege to host a number of women in key […]

WoMEnpower platform

Despite the introduction of gender discrimination and equal legislation, the majority of women still receive lower salaries and lower status. According to the latest official figures (March, 2013) the gender pay gap in Cyprus is 16,4%  (European Commission, 2013). Moreover, women face the so-called glass ceiling effect “the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities […]